What is E Rupee Digital Currency: E Rupee released from December 1, now prepare to be cash free

E Rupi Digital Currency Kya Hai: If you also  like to do digital transactions  , then there is  good news  for you that E Ru p   Digital Currency  has been launched by the Reserve Bank of India and that is why we are giving you this article .  I will tell you what is  E Rupee Digital Currency ?

Let us tell you that, at present,  E  Rupi  Digital  Currency  will be launched in total 4 cities  as a pilot project  and in these cities, after the success of the project, this project will be organized in other cities. 

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What is E Rupee Digital Currency – Overview

Name of the BankReserve Bank of India ( RBI )
Name of the CurrencyE Rupees Digital Currency
Subject of ArticleWhat is E-Rupee Digital Currency?
Mode of UsageOnline
Detailed Information?Please Read the Article.

E Rupee released from December 1, now prepare to be cash free – What is E Rupee Digital Currency?

Making 1st December 2022  historic  day  by the Reserve Bank of India  , E Rupi Digital Currency has been launched in  the  Indian  currency  system  , all the main points of which we want to provide with the help of some points which are, are as follows –

New update released regarding E Rupi Digital Currency?

  • E Rupi Digital Currency has been launched by the Reserve  Bank of India  for  retail  transactions on  December 1, 2022  ,
  • With the help of this  E Rupi Digital Currency  , all of you customers will be able to do a wide range of transactions for retail purchases from any shop and
  • Along with this, let us tell you that, at present, this currency has been started only in 4 cities of the country.

E Rupi Digital Currency started in which 4 cities?

  • Here let us tell you that  E Rupi Digital Currency  has been started as a pilot project  in  4 cities  of India  . 
  • The names of these 4 cities are as follows – In cities like  Mumbai , Delhi, Bengaluru and Bhubaneshwar  , this digital currency has been launched.

In which cities E Rupi Digital Currency will be launched after the pilot project?

  • As we told you, this  digital currency  has  been started in 4 cities  of the country as a  pilot project  , if successful, this currency will be included in other cities.
  • The cities where this  digital currency will  be launched  after the pilot project are as  follows –  Ahmedabad  , Gangtok, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Kochi , Lucknow, Patna and Shimla   has been launched.

How will E Rupee Digital Currency be?

  • The size of  E Rupi Digital Currency  will also be like a paper note  ,
  • Tell you that,  to keep  this digital currency  with you , you will be provided with a digital wallet by banks  .
  • On the other hand, if you keep this  digital money safe  in your  mobile or app  , then you  will not be given interest  on it.
  • But if you keep this  digital currency in  the bank  in the form of a paper note ,  then you  will be given interest  .

Which banks will provide  the facility of E Rupi Digital Currency?

Let us tell you that, as a pilot project, the facility of this currency will be provided to you by some banks, which are as follows –

  • SBI Bank,
  • ICICI Bank,
  • Yes Bank and
  • IDFC Bank Etc.

With the help of all the above mentioned points, we have provided you complete update  in detail  so that all of you readers and citizens  can get full benefit of this E Rupi Digital Currency  .


In this article of ours, we have  not only told in detail to all the youth and readers doing  digital transactions  , what is E Rupi Digital Currency  , but we have also provided you complete updates  in detail  so that you can get complete information about this currency. Do it and get the benefit of it.

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E Rupee Digital Currency

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FAQ’s –  What is E Rupee Digital Currency?

What is E Rupee?

What is eRupee Retail Digital Rupee or eRupee is a secure currency that provides you safe access to payments and settlements. Retail CBDCs are an electronic version that makes it easier for you to conduct retail transactions. This is the e-rupee token base, which is being issued by the central bank.

When will RBI launch digital currency?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced the launch of the first pilot project for Retail Digital Rupee on ‘1 December 2022’. According to RBI, eight banks have been identified for phased participation. Please tell, it can be used for transactions.

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