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The app shows basic information about eclipses. It will show you eclipse circumstances for any location you choose for the chosen Eclipse. It also has articles on eclipses and numerous educational activities. This Eclipse app was developed by, Alok Mandavgane for the Public Outreach and Education Committee of the Astronomical Society of India

(POEC). It has been modified for the use of the African Astronomical Society (AfAS)Contents developed by POEC, AfAS and NavnirmitiEclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA\’s GSFCCode adapted from Xavier JubierView solar and lunar eclipses of the past and future! Your complete guide to these astronomical events.Eclipse Guide is a comprehensive app for observing solar and lunar eclipses. It provides all the info (eclipse timer / time, calculator, calendar, simulator, push notifications for eclipse, best observer’s spots) to experience any sun and moon eclipse.

Understanding these solar and lunar events is easier than ever with our eclipse timer app.Do you know what an eclipse is? When is the next eclipse in 2022? Will it be a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse? Will it be partial, total, annular or penumbral eclipse? What time is the next eclipse?You will never miss solar and lunar eclipses will Eclipse Guide app. Eclipses of 2022 and other years are available in our comprehensive eclipse calendar. Get timely push notifications for these astronomy events.From the developers of famous astronomy app Star Walk, winner of the Apple Design Award 2010, loved by more than 10 million users around the world*Main features:


clipse Guide offers the list of upcoming solar and lunar eclipses, sun and moon eclipses of the past. You can view, discover and understand any kind of eclipse (total solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse, annular solar eclipse, total lunar eclipse, partial lunar eclipse, penumbral lunar eclipse).


iew solar and lunar eclipses from your current location, from any other location, or from the best location for observing these astronomy events. The Eclipse Guide app provides a list of the best places to view the eclipse. Use our eclipse calculator to find the best observing location for the upcoming .


short video with lunar and solar eclipse animation will give you a better understanding of what happens during these astronomy events from the very beginning to the end. Сheck how much you know solar & lunar eclipses.


xplore eclipse map showing the eclipse path accompanied by lunar and solar eclipse timer with local times of all the phases. Eclipse maps illustrate the gradation of eclipse visibility and show the best locations where these astronomy events are visible.


With eclipse timer from Eclipse Guide app you will receive push notifications for these astronomy events in time.Share the info about sun and moon eclipses with friends.Advanced features for eclipse explorers:Audio guide with voice notifications won’t let you miss the desired solar or lunar eclipse. It will accompany your eclipse observation providing comments on all the stages of the phenomenon.Fullscreen eclipse maps show the visibility of any eclipse and its path. Use them to pick a good location to veiw eclipse. Zoom in and out, check the eclipse visibility for any location.Star spotter simulates the sky at your observing location. Find out whether the eclipse will be visible from the selected location. Quickly identify and view solar and lunar eclipses in the sky using this eclipse calculator.Advanced features should be purchased separately (via In-App Purchase).Remember: Looking directly at the Sun can cause serious eye damage. Never look at a solar eclipse without proper eye protection.

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