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Applying for a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is an essential financial task for all Indian citizens, including minors. The PAN card not only serves as a unique identification number for tax purposes, but also serves as an important document for opening bank accounts, making investments, and other financial transactions.

The process of applying for a minor PAN card may be slightly different than for adults. This blog will guide you through the process of applying for a minor PAN card online, the documents required, and other necessary information.

Apply for PAN Card for Minor

When it comes to applying for a minor PAN card, the process is simple and easy. Having a PAN card is a must as it serves as an important identity proof. The government offers two options to apply for a PAN card under 18, which can be done online or offline. The application process is streamlined, making it easy and convenient for parents or guardians who wish to apply on behalf of their minor parents. So, if you wish to apply for a PAN card for your minor, rest assured that the process is easy and simple.

Benefits of applying for PAN card for a minor

While most adults have a PAN card, many parents are not aware of the benefits of applying for a PAN card for their minor children. Here are some of the benefits of getting a PAN card under 18:

● establishes identity

A PAN card is a government-issued identity proof that can be used for a number of purposes, such as opening a bank account or obtaining a passport. By applying for a minor PAN card, parents can establish their child’s identity from an early age, making future transactions and dealings much simpler.

● Activates investment and nomination

A PAN card is mandatory if parents wish to invest in the name of their minor child. Additionally, a minor child can also be made a nominee in a financial product or property. Having a minor PAN card makes it easier to register the minor’s name in such transactions, ensuring that they have legal rights to their investments or assets.

● Permanent Number

Once obtained, the PAN card number remains permanent throughout the holder’s lifetime, regardless of any changes made to their name or address. By obtaining a nominal PAN card, parents can establish the child’s identity for life.

● Helps with tax tracking

Although minor investments or income earned by a minor is usually not taxable, certain conditions may apply. For example, if the minor earns income through his or her own skills and talents, such as modeling or acting, it may be taxable. Having a PMinor PAN card helps track a minor’s income, which can be useful for taxation purposes.

When and why does a child need a PAN card?

PAN Card uses for Children are required when:

  • You want to make your child the nominee of your investments.
  • You invest in the name of your child.
  • You want to open a bank account for your child or want Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana for your daughter.
  • Your child is earning. Usually, a minor’s income is clubbed with their parents’ income. However, it is taxable:
  1. The minor is disabled.
  2. The minor should be earning himself.
  3. The minor should be earning through his/her own manual work, knowledge, talent and ingenuity.

PAN Card for Minors: Documents Required

As per the Income Tax Act, the parents or guardians of a minor can represent them for PAN card application. As for the documents, the proof of address and identity of any of the parents or guardians of the minor will be considered as the proof of address and identity of the applicant. However, if Aadhaar card is chosen as proof of address, date of birth or identity, then the Aadhaar number of the minor should be filled in the PAN card application form and not that of the representative.

The below documents are required while applying for PAN card for a minor:

Identity Proof

The guardian of the minor must submit one of the following documents:

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • driving license
  • Government-issued photo ID card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Branch License
  • Pensioner Card
  • Central Government Health Service Scheme Card
  • Original Certificate of Identity
  • Original bank certificate on official letterhead of the issuing bank branch containing the applicant’s bank account number and an attested photo

Address Proof

The guardian must submit a copy of any one of the following documents as proof of address:

  • Aadhar card
  • Passport
  • driving license
  • Voter ID Card
  • Post Office Passbook
  • Property Registration Documents
  • New Property Tax Assessment Order
  • domicile certificate
  • Original Address Proof
  • Original employer certificate
  • Housing allotment letter issued by central or state government

Photocopy of utility bill (not older than 3 months) 

  • electricity bill
  • Landline telephone or broadband connection bill
  • water bill
  • Consumer gas connection card or piped gas bill
  • Bank account statement
  • Deposit Account Statement
  • Credit Card Statement

Age Proof

A copy of any one of the following documents needs to be submitted as age proof for a minor:

  • Aadhar card
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Mark sheet of recognized board
  • Government-issued photo ID card
  • domicile certificate
  • Central Government Health Service Scheme Photo Card
  • Date of Birth Certificate attested by a Magistrate

How to apply for minors PAN Card offline?

The steps for offline mode of applying for PAN card are given below:

  • Step 1: First, download a copy of Form 49A from the NSDL or UTIITSL website.
  • Step 2: If you are a minor, you need to tick the option of ‘Minor PAN Card’. Apart from this, your legal guardians also need to be informed about the same.
  • Step 3: However, if you are an adult, you can apply for a regular PAN card.
  • Step 4: Further, you need to submit the ID and residence proof given in the form.
  • Step 5: Then submit all the documents and application fee.
  • Step 6: Next, send the filled and signed form to the nearest TIN facilitation office.

Finally, you will receive a PAN approval number. Keep this number safe to track PAN card status.

Further, you will receive your PAN card by post at the address given in the form.

However, this final step will only take place after the application has been verified and processed by the authorities.

Online process to apply for PAN card for minor

Minors cannot apply for a PAN card directly; hence the minor’s guardian, parent or representative must apply on their behalf. The online process to apply for a PAN card for children is as follows:

  • Visit  the official website of NSDL ( https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com/paam/endUserRegisterContact.html )
  • Click on this link to read all instructions for filling Form 49A .
  • Select the appropriate category of applicant and follow the instructions
  • Fill in all personal details
  • Upload age proof of minor as well as photo of parent, guardian and other required documents like address proof, identity proof
  • Signature of guardian or parent will be uploaded
  • Proceed by paying the fee of Rs. 107 (Rs. 989 for NRIs) You can make the payment through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or Demand Draft
  • After filling the form, click on the ‘Submit’ button. You will get a receipt number which can be used to track the status of the application
  • Submit all the required documents (if not uploaded) along with the Demand Draft (if chosen as a mode of payment)
  • Write “APPLICATION FOR PAN” and “Acknowledgement Number” on the envelope and send it to the following address:

Income Tax PAN Services Unit,NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,
5th Floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8,
Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk,
Pune – 411016

  • Once your application is complete you will get a mail on your email id
  • After successful verification the PAN card will be sent to your provided address within 10-15 days.
Official websiteClick here


Obtaining a PAN card for a minor can be a straightforward process as long as the necessary documents are provided and the application process is followed correctly. The PAN card not only acts as proof of identity but also serves as an important financial tool for other purposes. It is important to keep the PAN card updated as the minor reaches adulthood and to make sure that all information provided is accurate and up-to-date.


Is there a special PAN card for students?

No. The Government of India has not yet issued any special PAN for students. Students below the age of 18 years have to apply for PAN as a minor. While students above the age of 18 years can apply for it as normal.

Is Aadhaar necessary for PAN card?

Aadhaar card is not mandatory for PAN application. However, having it can make the process of obtaining PAN easier, as it acts as an ID proof.

If I have a minor PAN, do I have to apply for a regular PAN again?

You will need to update the PAN with a photograph and personal signature. However, the PAN number does not change.

Where do I send my minor PAN card application?

The form is also available through UTIITSL offices and their agents. Fill in the blanks with the required information and attach copies of appropriate documents. Photo is not required for Minor PAN Card. Submit the form and papers along with the processing fee to the nearest UTIITSL office.


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