Do you want to make money from Instagram? So follow these 7 methods

Do you also want to earn money using Instagram platform like other people? So today we have brought you 7 different ways. So you too can earn money on Instagram with these 7 ways .

First of all you should have an Instagram  page, in which you publish daily posts and your page should have a good follow up . If you have more followers on your page and people trust your page then you  can easily earn through Instagram .

In this page we will tell you that;

Promotion Post :- Earn money with Instagram paid promotion

You can create a promotion post on your page in Instagram  in which you can promote a brand or other page by tagging it. In a promotion post, you can promote another brand or page’s service by posting on your page and tagging them.

How to pay for promotion on Instagram?

  • If you have more followers, likes, comments and shares per post then you get paid for each promotion post on your page.
  • With the type of posts you create, you can also reach out to brands, promote their posts, and get paid by them.
  • Many pages charge thousands for one promotion post and many pages charge lakhs and many packs even crores for one promotion post.
  • You have to charge according to followers and likes on your page .
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Affiliate Marketing :- Earn money from Instagram by doing affiliate marketing

If you have more people joining your page then you can start affiliate marketing through your page. The first thing you need to do is to see the post published on your page and join the affiliate program accordingly.

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If you promote an affiliate product in the same category as the type of content you publish through your own page , it is more likely to increase sales.

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All you have to do is find a good affiliate program and you can promote various affiliate products by placing links in Instagram  story and page bio and you will get commission according to the sales made through your link.

Promote your products :- Promote your products on Instagram

If you have your own product like you are selling your own page branding t-shirts and other different products then you can promote your own product through your own page.

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All you have to do is list your product on the webpage and then setup a payment gateway through which you can make payments.

Then you have to create a process on how to deliver it so that if one of your followers buys your product, the product will be delivered to their home.

By selling courses :- Earn money by selling courses in Instagram

If you have a special skill or knowledge , you can teach that knowledge and skill to everyone through a course. In the course you can teach different things according to your skill and the course will be sold online through its own page .

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You just have to list the course in the website then you have to design and process the system so that the user gets your course as soon as they pay.

This way you can create the course yourself and sell it through your own page.

Becoming an Instagram Coach

If you have many pages on Instagram and want to create one page on Instagram and how to increase followers in one page and connect trusted people and build your business with one Instagram page, what are the disadvantages of pages and pages ? How to prevent mistakes You can also become an Instagram coach if you know how and if you have experience.

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You can reach out to various Instagram pages and give them online coaching where you share guidance to promote Instagram pages and increase followers etc.

You can charge yourself according to the number of hours you guide them online.

Subscription Service :- Earn money from Instagram subscription services

If you have a large number of followers on your Instagram  page, you can also start a subscription service. In which you create another platform like a private Telegram group in which you give content to your followers in such a way that only they get that content and no one else gets this content.

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You can charge them some money every month and then make them a member of that private group. It will give you money every month for users and you have to create special content for them.

Telegram groups also have a feature in which whatever post you share in a Telegram private group, your group members can’t share it anywhere else and can’t even take a screenshot of it.

So in this way you can start a special service and in which some of your followers will join your program and you will also get money.

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Selling eBooks :- Sell eBooks on Instagram and earn money

If you have a lot of knowledge and experience that you can write and share, you can even write your own e-book and sell it through your Instagram page .

Brand Ambassador :- Earn money by being a brand ambassador

You can also be a brand ambassador of a company but your influence on your followers should be very high and you should be a very popular and trustworthy person due to which many companies will be willing to make you a brand ambassador.

As a brand ambassador, you have to regularly promote that company’s products through your page and you also have to announce various offers so that your followers know about that company or brand and its products.


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