How to recover deleted contacts number in Android 2023

Restore Deleted Mobile contacts number

In this article, kiman give you all knowledge about recover deleted contacts number in Android Devices. Follow step by step process and recover permanently deleted contacts number.

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Now a days , If your mobile breaks, falls in the water, if any number is lost, then whatever data is there in our mobile gets lost. The most valuable contact numbers in that data are also deleted. If anything like this happens, what should you do so that you can get back the deleted files.

Phone se delete contact number ko kese recover kare?

In such a situation, if you are also troubled by some similar problem, then we are going to know today that phone se delete contact number ko kese vapas paye.

Recover deleted contacts number

If your contact number has also been deleted or you have formatted your smartphone without backing up. So you must be very curious to know that mobile se delete number kaise nikale?

So let me tell you here that in this post we are going to know about 2 ways to bring back the deleted number.

  1. how to get deleted number back from gmail id
  2. How to get deleted number from recovery software.

In the first way, how do you get back the deleted phone number with the help of your gmail id? Google account gives us the option of saving contact number.

So in the same way we will know that, how do you get the deleted number with the help of recovery software?

So let us know in detail about both the methods one by one.

How to recover deleted contacts number from G-mail I’d?

Follow bellow step

Step -1

  • First you go to google contact login.
  • Here all contact number show in your Google account.
  • Now tap on menu(3 Line) for recover deleted contacts number.

Step -2

  • Now In menu you tap option on “MORE .”
  • Then select option on “Undo Changes” 
  • You can on screen shot.

Step -3

  • Here you have to select the time. That is, when was your contact number
  • Now you select the time here accordingly. By the way, you can bring
    back the contact number that was deleted 30 days ago from here.
  • After selecting the time, you tap on “CONFIRM” . After selecting the time and
    clicking on the confirm button, recover deleted contacts number easily.
Note: Only you will be able to recover your contacts number from Gmail
account. When your contact number will be saved in your Google account.

Make your contact backup on Gmail id like this

To make Gmail backup all the contact numbers saved in mobile, you have to login with your Gmail account in your phone.

After login with your Gmail account, you have to go to the settings of the phone. After that, by selecting ‘Accounts’ here, select ‘Add account’.

Now you have to activate the Gmail account on the phone by giving your gmail account information. Doing so will automatically back up all your contact numbers to Gmail.

Recovery software se delete number wapas kaise laye?

If your contact number is not saved in your Google account. So you have to take help of contact number recovery software to recover your number.

Let us tell you that to recover the contact number on the Android platform, both free and paid software is available.

➠ Let us give you information about some free and paid android data recovery software. So that you can get back your deleted contact number.

1.Wondershare DR. Fone Android

To recover data, Wondershare DR. Fone is a very popular software. With the help
of this software, you can recover your deleted data very easily.
To recover data with the help of this software, you have to install it on your
computer. After that you can recover your deleted  contact number by
Connecting your phone via usb cable.

2.JiohoSoft Android Phone Recovery

JiohoSoft Android Phone Recovery is also a great tool to recover deleted contacts number. You can recover almost all types of data with the help of this
In such a situation, first of all you should try using its trial version. If you get
good result. So you can also buy this software.

3.PhoneRescue Android Data Recovery

With the help of PhoneRescue Android Data Recovery software, you can recover your Android phone’s contact number as well as recover SMS, photos, videos and all other important files.
This is also one of the best software for Android phone. First of all, try using its
trial version. If you like it, you can buy it.

4.EaseUS MobiSaver For Android

EaseUS MobiSaver For Android is one of the best software to recover contacts
and other important files. This data recovery software is available in both free
and paid versions.

The best thing about this application is that, with this you can recover your deleted files directly from your Android devices. You can try using its free version.

End words

Hopefully, now you have understood that, with the help of recovery software, recover deleted contacts number. Believe me, your gmail id and android data recovery software will help you a lot in getting the deleted number back.

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