5 Best Websites That Students Can Make Money online By Selling Notes | assignments Without Investing 2023

Earn money from Sell study notes online

How to earn money online without investment for students? This way Students Can Make Money online.

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If you want to make money online without investment kiman assures you that read this article in full, after reading this article you will have a new way to make money.

Many of us are just busy students with no time for a job, while many of us are just looking for a way to make some extra money without much effort. A lot of students today, don’t know this, but they can sell their college notes for money to make some quick and easy cash. I  2022 Students Can Make Money online.

It doesn’t matter if the students are selling notes for a class they are currently in or a previous one either. Several platforms pay the students for their lecture notes as long as they are detailed and legible. So just in case you are a great notetaker, you would want to consider selling your notes online and making some extra spending money to get you through your day-to-day life. Sell College Notes and old assignments Students Can Make Money online.

We have found a website for you that can make money by surveying from different places and selling the best college notes. Part-time Students Can Make Money online.

Here Are The Top 5 Websites That Let You Sell College Notes.

  1. Notesgen
  2. Notesale
  3. Nexus note
  4. Course hero
  5. Omega notes
Students Can make money online

5 website from Students Can Make Money online

1. Notesgen

Notesgen is an online book-selling and buying website, which also features to offer much more than textbooks and notes. It connects students from various streams from all over the world to facilitate the exchange of learning resources. Through Notesgen

Students Can Make Money online.

  • sell and buy educational materials such as case results and lab reports, as well as presentations and research guides, study guides, and more.
  • Notesgen also offers an app for Android and iOS which allows you to create an account and begin selling your educational material.
  • You will earn a 60% commission on the sales. The payment will be made on a Friday.

2. Notesale

A British-based online platform that lets students buy and sell books on the internet. Notesale lets you upload notes quickly and easy searching for notes.

  • It has a three-step procedure for fast uploading your notes.
  • After that, the student’s notes will be instantly visible on their website and will be accessible for students to purchase.
  • It also simplifies the transfer of funds between students purchasing and selling notes. The students are allowed to set prices for their notes and books.

3. Nexus Notes

Its website is an online resource through which students can access high-quality notes. Notes can be uploaded to the Nexus Notes Website.

  • The team reviews student notes for accuracy and quality before making them available on their website for sale after they have been approved.
  • Notes are typically sold at a price of up to $35 and the student will be paid 50% of the set of notes sold.
  • The payment will show in the student’s account at beginning of every month, via Paypal.

4. Course Hero

It is an educational technology website where students have access to various online courses. It also provides 24/7 doubt clarification and studying materials to its students.  Through Course Hero Students Can Make Money online.

  •  You can sell the notes you took in your courses to Course Hero. They will give you cash for the notes.
  • If students sign up for a monthly membership they can upload documents to their website.
  • The students can also recommend their friends to do the same and continue earning cash.

5. Omega Notes

Omega Notes is one of the best websites that sell notes online. There is a wide selection of study material on this website. But If you are planning to sell your products on this site you must pay a certain amount of fees.

  • For items like big uploads, pricing items higher than $35, or the listing of materials for longer than 24 months.
  • The greatest thing about omega Notes is that it offers an estimate of pricing to assist you. It will pay you a 70% commission on every sale.
  • The money will be paid through PayPal when the buyer buys your item.

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