New traffic rules will be implemented in India from today, car and bike drivers should know this new rule, 10,000 challan will be deducted

New traffic rules will be implemented in India from today, car and bike drivers should know this new rule, 10 thousand challan will be deducted:-Hello friends, today we will tell you about the updates related to the implementation of new traffic rules, as well as let us also tell you that new rules have been implemented by the central government in India at the beginning of the new financial year on April 1 and these new rules The central government has increased the fine amount more than before, along with this, the central government has implemented these rules keeping in mind the increase in the number of vehicles, by the way, let us tell you that if you are also one of the traffic vehicle drivers. If you are, then it is necessary for you to have complete information about these new rules issued by the Central Government, along with this it is also important that if you are thinking of buying a new vehicle or are driving an old vehicle, then you should be aware of these changes. It is very important to be aware of, so let us now know about these rules in detail.

New traffic rules apply in India from today

For your information, let us tell you that the Central Government has issued an order to organize or confiscate all the old transport means from the scrap policy, as well as this new rule will be implemented on both government and private means, however, let us tell you that India All vehicles older than 14 years will be sent to government scrap centers by the traffic police

Firstly these rules will be started in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune etc. At present, government action has been started in all these places, along with this, under these new rules issued by the Central Government, all old vehicles are being considered responsible for air pollution and all the vehicles in the country due to which pollution is falling. A fine of Rs 10,000 has been imposed on all those vehicles, along with this the driver can be imprisoned for up to 6 months for breaking these rules.

You have to keep the pollution certificate of your vehicle with you, if you are also a driver and are taking your vehicle out somewhere, then you must keep in mind that as per the rules, if the time interval of 14 years has been completed, then such In this you can deposit your vehicle in the Government Scrap Vehicle Center and after that you can enjoy the benefits given by the government in the government schemes.

traffic police challan list 2023

S. No.Crimefirst challan or finenow challan or fine
1.General (177)100 rupeesRs 500
2.Violation of Red Regulation Rule (177A)100 rupeesRs 500
3.Disobedience of order of authority (179)Rs 5002000 Rs
4.Unauthorized driving without license (180)1000 RsRs 5000
5.Driving Despite Disqualification (182)Rs 500Rs 10000
6.driving without a license (181)500 RsRs 5000
7.Over Size Vehicle (182B)Rs 5000
8.Over Speeding (183)Rs 4001000 rupees
9.Dangerous Driving(184)1000 rupeesRs 5000
10.Drunk Driving (185)2000 RsRs 10000
11.Racing & Driving (189)Rs 500Rs 5000
12.overloading (194)2 thousand rupees and 10000 rupees per tonne extra20 thousand rupees and 2 thousand rupees per ton
13.Seat Belt (194B)100 rupees1000 rupees
14.Driving without permit (192A)up to 5 thousand rupeesup to 10 thousand rupees
15.Violation of license condition (193)Just nothingRs 25 thousand to Rs 1 lakh
16.Overloading of Passenger (194A)Just nothingRs 1000 per passenger
17.overloading on two wheeler100 rupeesRs 2,000 and license canceled for three months
18.not wearing a helmet100 rupees1000 rupees and suspension of license for three months
19.Failure to give way to emergency vehicle (194E)Just nothing     Rs 10000
20.Driving without insurance (196)1000 rupeesRs 2000
21.Power of Officers to impound documents (206) Just nothingDriving license will be canceled under 183,184,185,189,190,194c,194D 194E
22.Offenses committed by enforcing officers (210B)Just nothingPenalty twice under relevant section

Conclusion:- Friends, in today’s article, we have given detailed information about new traffic rules applicable in India from today, car and bike drivers should know this new rule, challan of 10 thousand will be deducted. That’s why we hope that you must have liked this article today, and you must have got some help from today’s article. If you have any opinion about this article, then you must tell us by commenting below.

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