Google Free Courses – Earn up to ₹ 1 lakh every month sitting at home by learning from Google’s free course

Google Free Courses – It is not so easy to make a good career in today’s growing competition. In today’s era, just having a degree is not enough to get a good job. If you know some skills, then the way to get a job or progress in the job becomes even easier. But various educational institutions charge thousands of rupees from you for conducting such courses. 

In such a situation, Google provides you many such courses absolutely free of cost and on completion of the course, you are also given a certificate. So in today’s article, we will provide you the necessary information about Google Free Courses. 

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What is the benefit of Google Free Courses 

Free courses powered by Google prepare you for a job or help you learn skills that will help you in a variety of jobs. 

Who are Google Free Courses for?

Any person can join these free courses of Google. The minimum educational qualification for these courses is 10th or 12th pass. Any man or woman of any gender or age can do these courses. 

Google Free Courses Time Duration / What is the duration of Google’s free course

The duration of most of the courses provided by Google varies from one hour to 12 hours. By taking a few hours out of your busy life, you can learn new skills and give a new direction to your career. There is no fixed time for this. You can do these courses by taking out time as per your convenience. 

Google Free Courses / How many free courses does Google provide

Google provides about 160 different types of courses, many of which are absolutely free. Some courses are especially in demand these days like digital marketing, public speaking and graphic designing. Following are the most preferred courses by the youth in the courses provided by Google:

Google Free Courses List :

  • -Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • -Build Confidence with self-prpmotion
  • -land your next job
  • -How to increase productivity at work
  • -Speaking in public
  • -Understanding the basic of machine learning
  • -Machine learning crash course
  • -Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  • -English for career development
  • -Improving communication skills
  • -Introducing to cyber security
  • -SQL For data analysis
  • -Android Development
  • -Junior web Development
  • -Improving soft skills

Google Free Courses Study Material

In Google Courses, you are given good information about the course through videos. After you watch all the videos, you can also practice the quiz given in it to test your knowledge. 

Google Free Courses Certificate / When to get certificate in Google courses 

When you feel that you are completely ready for the final exam, then you can give the final exam of the course through online medium only and on the basis of marks obtained in this exam, your certificate will be issued by Google. 

How to Register for Google Free Courses

To register for any Google course, go to Google’s Digital Garage portal and you can register for the desired course by login with the login option given on the left.


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