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Hey, you looking best mobile  phone Android application for screen recording,  video recording and screen shot. All future in available in one app.

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kiman brings you this best app for you.

Super Screen Recorder–REC Video Record, Screenshot ap

In this application, regardless of whether you switch off the presentation, it will record the video, know the name, do you have such applications in the cell phone, which can record secret recordings? To covertly record a video without making anybody understand, then, at that point, such an application is likewise accessible on the Play Store. Here we will enlighten you concerning one of the most incredible government operative camera applications, which will make the front individual think that your versatile is off, however your mystery application will continue to record. Huge number of individuals have utilized this application, and many individuals have called it the best mystery spy camera application.

Special feature of this mobile phone app

The special thing about this mobile app is that, it works in the background so there is no need to keep the app on the foreground. Even if you turn off your display, it will still record video, which is an amazing thing. (But keep in mind that making a video of someone hiding like this comes under criminal category. Readers are advised not to do this).

Screen Voice Recorder & Video Music Editor

Apart from this, the video quality and audio quality are also fine in the high quality setting. This app is introduced by ‘Happy Bees & Screen Voice Recorder & Video Music Editor’ on play store, which you can search by typing Super Screen Recorder–REC Video Record, Screenshot. Its rating is 4.5 stars.

while you are doing some work on mobile

This app can be downloaded to capture secret video. The app captures videos wonderfully even when the screen is off, which is its plus point. It also automatically saves videos while you are doing some work on mobile. However, this app comes with full screen ads which can bother you.

Mobile Phone

Hidden camera is used for spying. There are many great cameras in the market, but there is also a mobile app that works as a spy camera. The person in front will feel that the mobile is off, but the recording will continue.

Mobile Phone

One App Background Video Recorder (BVR)

Apart from this, there is an app Background Video Recorder (BVR), which usually helps you to record videos in background camera preview. It’s triggered with a one-click video recorder shortcut, along with many useful functions like continuing recording when the screen is turned off or when it’s scheduled for recording .

Super Screen Recorder mobile phone app

Record absolutely everything that occurs on your gadget’s screen with Super Screen Recorder. This valuable application makes it conceivable to make your own instructional exercises, interactive experiences, and just record any action on your screen. Additionally, it’s really simple to utilize, and doesn’t actually need root.

To begin recording, simply tap on Super Screen Recorder and a little drifting button shows up with the application’s all’s controls. However, the button vanishes once the application begins recording, so you don’t need to stress over it being in the last video. That, yet you can likewise change settings or require screen captures in practically no time from a similar button.

Super Screen Recorder offers a couple of extraordinary highlights, including the capacity to add customs watermarks the substance you make, record recordings with the front oriented or back camera while recording the screen, and utilize a paintbrush device to add an interest to your recordings.


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