Booster dose of corona vaccine is free 2023

Covid Booster Dose: Not yet taken Covid Booster Dose? Book an appointment like this sitting at home

Let us tell you how you can book a booster dose sitting at home.

You can book your booster vaccine appointment online through the CoWIN website or arogyasetu app.

Booster dose of corona vaccine is free, when, where, how and who can get it, know the answer to every question

Booster dose of corona vaccine is free

The central government has now made the booster dose of corona vaccine free even for adults below 60 years of age.

From July 15, people in the age group of 18-59 will also be able to get booster doses free of cost at government centres.

Booster dose of corona vaccine

 The Modi government has taken a big decision regarding the booster dose of the Corona vaccine. Now from July 15, booster dose can be installed at government centers for free.Till now booster dose was free for people of 60 years or above but now it will be free for people of 18-59 age group also.This decision was taken in the meeting of the Union Cabinet on Wednesday. Earlier, a price had to be paid for the booster dose. However, some states had made booster dose free on their behalf. After all, what is a booster dose, why is it necessary, how can it be administered, can a new vaccine be administered as a booster dose…

How to book booster dose slote

  • To book vaccination with CoWIN, open the official portal on any web browser.
  • Login to the website using your registered mobile number.

Let us know the answers to all these questions.

  1. What is booster dose?
    Some vaccines give life-long protection from the related disease or virus, but there are some diseases whose vaccine does not give life-long protection. After some time the antibodies produced by the vaccine start to weaken. The dose of vaccine given to strengthen it again is called booster dose. It is also called Precaution dose or Precautionary dose. In the case of corona, most of the people who take two doses of the vaccine are called fully vaccinated. That’s why the third dose will be called booster dose.
  2. Why is booster dose necessary?
    All the studies and research regarding corona vaccine are telling that after 6 months the level of antibodies starts decreasing in fully vaccinated (both doses of corona vaccine) people. Simply put, after 6 months of taking both doses of the corona vaccine, the antibodies that protect against the virus begin to weaken. This increases the risk of getting infected despite taking the vaccine. To reduce this risk, a booster dose is necessary.
  3. How to check whether you are eligible for booster dose or not?
    By the way, people who are eligible for booster dose get a message that they can get pre-caution dose. This message goes to the number with which you have registered on the Covin app. Even if you have not received this message, you can check whether you are eligible now or not. If you have completed 6 months or 26 weeks after getting the second dose of corona vaccine, then you can get a booster dose. Earlier this period was 9 months, which has recently been reduced by the government to 6 months.
  4. Will the booster be completely free or will the discount be for a limited period only?
    At present, the free booster dose announced by the government is for a limited time. A special campaign of free booster dose for 75 days is starting from 15th July. After 75 days it may not be free. So if you are eligible for booster dose, do not delay in getting it done.
  5. Will booster dose be given free of cost at private vaccination centers also?
    For booster dose at private vaccination centers, you will have to pay as before. It will be installed free of cost at government centers only. The cost of booster dose of Covishield and Covaxin at private centers is Rs.225. Service charge will be separate.
  6. Why did the government have to make booster dose free?
    Actually, most of the people were not getting booster dose due to reasons like booster dose not being free and the weakening of corona epidemic. The Center had decided that everyone except senior citizens would have to pay for booster doses. However, some states like Delhi and Bihar had made booster doses free of cost. So far, less than one per cent of the 77 crore eligible population aged 18 to 59 had taken the booster dose. That is, there was a risk of getting infected with the corona virus in front of a large population. That’s why the government decided to run a special campaign of free booster dose for a limited period of time.
  7. The company whose vaccine has been installed as a second dose, can the vaccine of another company be installed as a booster dose as well?
    No. The first and second dose of the vaccine you have taken, the booster dose will also be of the same company. Suppose you had taken the first and second dose of Covaxin, then you will have to take the booster dose of Covaxin only.
  8. What needs to be done to get a booster dose?
    For booster dose you have to book your schedule on Covin portal. You will be able to get booster dose even by going directly to the vaccination center.
  9. How to book vaccination slot?
    To do booster dose registration, first of all you have to go to the official website of Co-Win i.e. After visiting the official website of Co-Win portal, you will get the option of Register / Sign in. Click on it and you will be redirected to another webpage. Here you will be asked to enter the mobile number with which you had registered for the vaccination the first time. Enter the mobile number and tap on the option GET OTP. After that you will receive an OTP. Fill and verify OTP and proceed further. After tapping on the option mentioned above, the option of schedule will appear in front of you. Tap on that option and book your booster dose.

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