how to pay electricity bill online sitting at home

All the electricity distribution companies have made their official website available for online electricity bill payment. Along with this, bill payment facility has also been provided on major wallet apps. So that consumers can deposit their electricity bill sitting at home without any hassle. But most of the people are not able to take advantage of it because they are not aware of it. So here we are telling step by step in a very easy way how to pay electricity bill online?hide table of contents

How to pay electricity bill online?

Step-1 Install the payment app PhonePe

Step-2 Submit by filling the mobile number

You need to login with your mobile number to use the PhonePe payment app. For this, enter your mobile number in the designated box. After that select the Login option.

Step-3 Login with password or OTP

If you already have a PhonePe account, then you can login using the password. If your account is not created, then select Login With OTP option. Like – we have told in the screenshot.

Step-4 Select the Electricity option

After login to the PhonePe payment app, the option of all the features available in it will appear. We have to deposit our electricity bill, so come to Recharge & Pay Bills option. Then the Electricity icon has to be selected.

Step-5 Select the electricity distribution company

Now the list of electricity supply companies of all the states will appear on the screen. In this, you have to select your own state and the company of which you are a consumer. The name of the company is mentioned in your electricity bill.

Step-6 Confirm meter number

Step-7 Pay Electricity Bill

As soon as you confirm by entering the meter number, the bill amount will appear on the screen. If you want, you can see this money by matching it with the electricity bill of that month. If the amount is correct, then payment can be made through UPI, Debit/ATM card or Credit card. For this fill your card details and select Pay Bill option.

As soon as the payment is confirmed, a transaction number and a receipt will be generated. Save it on your phone. Because this receipt will be useful to you when needed. In this way, you can pay your electricity bill very easily through PhonePe payment app.

Apart from PhonePe payment app, if you use Paytm app, or use Google Pay, then you can also pay your bill very easily through this. Also, you can deposit your electricity bill by visiting the official website of your electricity distribution company. Let us tell you about this too.

How to deposit the bill on the website of the electricity distribution company (another way)

  • First of all, you have to go to the website of electricity bill deposit i.e. the official website of your electricity distribution company.
  • After the website opens, select the Online Bill Payment option on the screen.
  • Now submit your meter number ie BP number or account number or K number or CA number or Service Number or IVRS Number in the prescribed box.
  • Now the total bill amount of that month will appear on the screen. Select the Pay Now option here.
  • Now complete the payment through Net Banking, UPI, Debit Card or Credit Card.
  • After the bill payment is successful, the acknowledgment will open in the screen. Save it and keep it with you.

The complete information about how to pay electricity bill online is explained here step by step in a very easy way. Now any consumer can pay his electricity bill sitting at home. If you face any problem in this or you have any question related to electricity bill, then you can ask us in the comment box below. We will reply to you very soon.

Knowing how to pay electricity bill online is very important for all consumers. That’s why share this information with them on WhatsApp and Facebook. This will help them a lot. On this website, we provide such important information related to electricity bill. If your house is metered then this website is made just for you. To come to this website, search in Google search box – Thank you!

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