Pashu Shed Yojana 2022: This government scheme is a boon for cattle herders, know eligibility and application process

Pashu Shed Yojana 2022: The government wants to benefit its citizens by giving various schemes and by taking advantage of these schemes, citizens can develop themselves and improve their lifestyle . How dependent we are on animals in our lifestyle today. This is not hidden from anyone and our governments also promote animal husbandry. Governments come up with many schemes to promote animal husbandry.So that animal rearers can be benefited and people can be encouraged towards animal husbandry. Recentlygovernment has started a scheme for animal rearers, so that financial assistance will be provided to animal rearers. Bihar Government has recently launched  Cattle Shed Scheme . Under this scheme of the Bihar government, those animal herders of the state will get benefit, who want to get the shed constructed for the care of the animals.But due to some financial crunch, he is not able to get a shed constructed for his animals. Bihar government will benefit such cattle rearers under this scheme. In this article of ours, we will try to provide you complete information about eligibility, purpose, documents etc. for this scheme of Bihar government.

Objective of Pashu Shed Yojana 2022

The government is starting this scheme for the development and prosperity of cattle rearers in the state. Under this scheme, the government will provide benefits to those small animal farmers who lack a convenient place to keep their animals and keep their animals deprived of important facilities and animal farmers have to face a lot of problems.Due to lack of necessary facilities by the cattle rearers, sometimes the animals get sick and due to which the cattle rearers have to face a lot of loss, such as the cattle shed is not made to keep the animals inside in winter and summer and rainy season. get and due to which animals often fall ill in this season. The Bihar government has launched this scheme keeping in mind the problem of cattle herders.In this scheme, financial assistance will be given to the cattle rearer for constructing a shed for the animals . Animal husbandry applying under this scheme will be given financial assistance through the concerned officer of the MNREGA scheme. Under this scheme of the government, the cattle rearers of Bihar will be able to make ventilated sheds for proper maintenance of their animals and keep their animals healthy with proper care . Will be able to keep it, due to which the milk related problems of the state can be dealt with and the state will move towards development. Under this scheme of the Bihar government, benefits will be given to those animal herders who follow animals like buffalo, cow, goat, chicken etc.

Pashu Shed Yojana 2022 – at a glance

Scheme NamePashu Shed Yojana Bihar 2022
was startedgovernment and Central Government
StateA state in Eastern India
BeneficiaryCattle breeders of the state
purposeTo provide financial assistance to the cattle herders for the construction of sheds for the maintenance of animals.
application procedureOffline/Online

Features and Benefits of Pashu Shed Yojana 2022

  • Under Pashu Shed Yojana Bihar 2022, the government will provide financial assistance to the cattle rearers of Bihar to get sheds constructed for animals.
  • Under this scheme , the government will provide financial assistance of 75 to 80 thousand to the animal parents who have 3 animals and 116000 to the animal parents who have 4 animals and 160000 if they have more than 4 animals.
  • Under this scheme, the cattle rearer can get ventilated shed, ventilated roof, mantralaya tank etc. made for his animals and can follow the animals well.

Eligibility of Pashu Shed Yojana 2022

If you want to apply under Pashu Shed Yojana Bihar 2022, then you have to fulfill the following requirements of the government.

  • To apply in this scheme, you must be a permanent citizen of Bihar .
  • This scheme will benefit only those animal herders, whose life depends on animal husbandry only.
  • To apply under this scheme, it is mandatory for the applicant to have MNREGA job card .
  • To avail the benefits under this scheme of the government, it is mandatory for the cattle rearer to have at least three animals .
  • Under this scheme, only cattle rearers who rear cows, buffaloes, chickens, goats etc. can apply.

Required documents of Pashu Shed Yojana 2022

  • MNREGA job card
  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • passport size photograph
  • mobile number
  • Bank Account Passbook

How to apply in Pashu Shed Yojana 2022

If you also want to apply under this scheme being run by the Bihar government, then you can apply by following this procedure.

  • To apply, you can get the application form of this scheme from the official website of Bihar Cattle Shed Scheme or from your nearest bank branch .
  • You have to fill all the information asked in the application form carefully.
  • After filling the information, attach the necessary documents with the application form.
  • After attaching the necessary documents, submit this form to your nearest bank.
  • After this, the concerned officer will check the documents and your application form submitted by you.
  • If you are considered eligible under this scheme, then you will be provided grant amount under Animal Shed Scheme Bihar 2022.

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