Get age-old records of your land right at home on your mobile

Get old records of your land at home in your mobile: Get 7/12 and 8-A copies online at home, Land Record System has been made online by Revenue Department of Gujarat Government. The digitization system known as Gujarat E Dhara has received appreciation from the Government of India. This system has also received an award for e-Governance Project. An important decision has been taken by Gujarat government for the interest of farmers. Now the farmers revenue record of the state i.e. Land Record sample 7/12, 8-A , 6 etc. can be downloaded. A copy of this digital sign can be obtained from AnyRoR Anywhere Portal and iORA portal.

7/12 copy online

A QR Code will be available on the copy. So that any person-organization can ensure its authenticity online. To make revenue services documents easily and transparently available to the citizens of the state, the state government is providing these services by undertaking various innovative measures including i-ORA portal, resulting in saving time and money of the citizens of the state.

Digitally signed copy can be obtained from AnyRoR or i-ORA portal

Open AnyRoR or i-ORA portal on the Internet

First of all digitally signed copy go to AnyRoR ( or i-ORA ( portal. There on the fourth number click on VIEW LAND RECORD – RURAL. After clicking, below it will be written Select any one. By clicking there, various types of details will open. From these details, select any revenue sample detail you want.Anyone can get the digitally signed copy online, he added, adding that the official copies of Village Sample No. 6, 7/12, 8-A, which are available from Taluka e-Dhara Centers / e-Village level, are important records for land. Anyone can obtain a digitally signed copy online, and this copy will be considered authorized for use. For this, the copy fee to be reimbursed will also have to be paid online. Digitally signed copy can be obtained from AnyRoR ( or i-ORA ( ) portal. A QR Code will be available on this copy. So that its authenticity can be confirmed online by any person and organization.

What are Land records?

“Land records” is a common term used for all such information and data related to details of the land or property such as sale deeds, tax documents, rental documents, registration of lands, record of rights, mutation register, tenancy and crop inspection register, spatial records, transaction records etc. Briefly, it can be said that the land records is a blend of mainly three types of data records:

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  1. Transactional Data: When any property or land is sold, a sale deed is formulated which is signed by the both parties i.e. buyer and seller. It basically contains details about the said property or land such as its area and its market price including all the details about the past transactions. Such deed is then registered under The Registration Act, 1908 and further sent to tehsil/taluka office to record the transfer and change the title in the land records. This process is popularly known as Mutation.
  2. Textual Data: Textual data includes record of rights, mutation orders etc. Such data reflects how rights on said land or property such as ownership rights, long-term lease hold or tenancy related rights are acquired. It broadly contains:
  • Details of all such persons who have acquired any right over the said property heretofore;
  • What was the nature of such rights and to what extent they were exercisable;
  • Details about the rent and revenue paid for the property;
  • Details related to any loan taken on such property.

3. Spatial Data: A periodic survey is conducted by Survey and Settlement Department to determine geographic and geo-referenced data which includes: 

  • Purpose for which land is being used; whether it is agricultural, residential or commercial;
  • Boundary particulars of the property and details about its surrounding area;
  • How the property is connected with roads;
  • Land topology;
  • Water sources nearby etc.

Establishment of Land ownership in India 

Land is an immovable property; and transfer of such immovable properties is regulated by The Transfer of Property Act, 1882. The provisions of the Act provide that through a registered document such immovable property can be further sold or transferred. These registered documents are governed by The Registration Act, 1908. But interestingly, these documents are not government guaranteed titles but barely a record of transfer.

So, ownership of a property in India is presumptive and cannot be established using a single document but various documents such as record of rights which reflects that how rights on said land or property are derived, registered sale deeds which includes all the particulars about the transacted land or property, tax receipts etc. are collectively used to establish ownership rights on property which is subject to challenge. Therefore, it becomes vital to check all such past records of a land or property before buying it to know that whether the seller of the property is actually the owner of the property or the land you are purchasing does not belong to the government or any other institution.

Searching for Land records in India

To search land records one needs to have a basic understanding of how the particular system works? What are laws that govern the land and property transactions? What must be recorded? How are the operations related to transaction of property handled? Where the spatial information of a property is kept? How is property assessment and taxation works?

In order to find out the relevant land record such information could be very handy.

Further, these records can be accessed by both manual search and online search.

Manual search

It is a fact that in India there is no uniformity in land administration. There is a significant difference in system of maintenance of land records across the different states; Each state has a different recording and management system. Thus, for preliminary search local real estate agents and local officials could be a promising source to find land and property records as they are well equipped and well versed with such local information. 

To reach out right it becomes very important to understand in which department a particular record is documented and maintained.

Step No to download 7/12 and 8-A pattern online

  • First go to the portals of Revenue Department AnyRoR ( and i-ORA (
  • Click on “Digitally Signed RoR/Digitally Signed Village Sample Number” displayed on main page of AnyRoR or i-ora portal.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Read the Captcha Code displayed on the page of the website and enter it in the tax box below. If captcha code is not readable then click on “Refresh Code”. So the new code will appear on the screen.
  • After entering the captcha code click on “Generate OTP”. After generating the OTP a verification code will be sent to the mobile number entered by you.
  • Enter the verification code given on the mobile number in Textbook and click on “Login”.
  • After clicking on Login, the form to get digitally signed village sample will open.
  • You have to select your district, taluk and village to make village sample number. Select the survey number / block number / account number / note number and click on “Add Village Form”.
  • Prepare the list by clicking on “Add Village Form” as per point number-8 mentioned above one by one with the details of the required village sample number.
  • Then, after preparing the list of village sample number, verify it and click on “Proceed For Payment”.
  • Now after clicking on “Procced For Payment” if you want to make any correction then click on “Cancel Request”.
  • If all the information is correct then click on “Pay Amount” and pay the required amount online.
  • Note:- A) Fee for village sample is to be paid online only. B) Before paying the amount online, carefully read the instructions mentioned on the main page of the portal regarding online payment.
  • After making the payment, the digital village sample number will be displayed on the screen to download. In which the digital village sample can be downloaded by clicking on “Download RoR”.
  • Note:- A) If the digital village sample number is not generated after paying the amount, then click on “Generate Ror” to generate the digital village sample number.
  • The digital village sample number will be available for download in your login for 24 hours. After that the login will be cancelled.
  • Digital Gam Namuna Number has a digital sign. And it is a copy certified by the State Govt.
  • By scanning the QR Code shown in the Digital Village sample number, any person or organization can verify the authenticity of the server copy.

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