This is the most effective remedy for any kind of mouth and tongue sores.

You must know how troublesome it is if you have sores in your mouth, you cannot eat anything because of the sores in your mouth, and as soon as you are about to eat anything, your mouth immediately gets irritated and painful. . Mouth sores are most common due to heat. Therefore, hot food should not be eaten.Friends, if you get sores in your mouth at once, it takes about a week or so to heal. Let us give information about how to cure mouth sores at home using native Ohdia instead of using any medicine. We will also give you the necessary information about how to take precautions to prevent mouth sores.

This is the most effective remedy for any kind of mouth and tongue sores.

Remedy 1 :  If you have sores in your mouth, to cure it, take one teaspoon of Sindhav salt and take two pinches of Sindhav salt in your palm and add half a teaspoon of sesame oil in it, then mix it well with the help of your finger and put it in your mouth. The place is placed on the part that is silver. Now you spit as much as you can and spit out as much as you can. After 10 minutes, you should rinse it out with clean water.

Remedy 2:  You should take two to four pinches of mulethi powder in your palm and add proper amount of native honey to it and mix it well and apply this mixture of honey and mulethi on the part of your mouth where the sores are present. Allow as much saliva as possible, for 3 to 4 minutes after salivating in this way, it is beneficial to rinse with clean water.

Remedy 3 :  You have to keep a small piece of ice and spit it out as the ice piece melts in the mouth. This ice cube is to be rolled in the mouth.

Remedy 4:  You take a glass of cold water and add some native honey in it and stir it with the help of a chumsi and keep the water in the mouth for 20 to 30 seconds and gargle the sweat to cure mouth sores. By rinsing like this two to three times a day, the sores get better.

What are some things to be careful in eating and drinking: If you try native remedies, then you will get rid of the silver in your mouth, but if you are not careful enough in eating and drinking, then you should eat too much hot, fried, too much spiced food so that the sores will not heal. , eating outside fast food, as well as junk food should be completely stopped. If you are in the habit of eating singam then you need to stop eating it completely.

You have to always consume the fruits from which vitamin C is obtained and also it is beneficial to consume sour fruits, you can also drink lemon water and also make lemon juice and consume it, if possible eating amla also heals the sores. Keep consuming things that are made from milk as you get good amount of vitamin B from milk. You can benefit from consuming raw onion along with your meals.

Thus, through this article, we have given you the necessary information about what kind of food you should eat and what things you should take care of if you have mouth ulcers and where you can try these desi Ohdias.

Maintaining good oral hygiene

Keeping the mouth clean could help heal a sore tongue. Brushing teeth and mouth rinsing reduces harmful bacteria, which lowers the risk of infection.

A person should use a soft toothbrush to avoid irritating and scratching the mouth. They should also avoid using strong mouthwash, as this could aggravate sore tongues.

Sucking on ice

Sucking ice chips could help easeTrusted Source the discomfort of a sore tongue. People should take care not to chew or bite into the ice, which could damage the tooth enamel or break a tooth.

A person should leave ice chips out of the freezer for a few seconds before putting them in the mouth. This melts the surface, reducing the risk of an ice chip sticking to the tongue.

Rinsing the mouth with saltwater

If a person has a tongue injury, keeping the wound clean could promote healing. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggest a gentle saltwater rinse may reduce the risk of infection.

To create a rinse, add half a teaspoon of salt to a small glass of warm water. Gently swill the saltwater around the mouth a few times, then spit.

Rinsing the mouth with cool chamomile tea

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative HealthTrusted Source, chamomile is a herbal remedy that can soothe mouth sores. Although it is generally safe, there is limited evidence for its benefits.

People commonly consume chamomile as an infusion or in tea. To treat a mouth sore, a person can gently rinse the mouth with cooled tea. They can also soak a chamomile tea bag and press lightly on to the affected area.

Using sage as a herbal remedy

Sage is a herbal remedy and could reduce inflammation of the mouth. A person should steep sage leaves in boiling water and allow it to cool before rinsing. This may help alleviate canker sores on the tongue.

More research is needed to understand the full effects of sage on a sore throat or tongue. Currently, there is no solid evidence that the herb effectively treats any medical condition.

Applying honey to the sore

A 2019 reviewTrusted Source notes that honey has antibacterial properties and may promote wound healing after a burn. Winchester Hospital suggests this natural substance could help ease the symptoms of canker sores.

Being mindful of foods and drinks

Spicy, salty, or acidic foods may irritate the tongue and mouth. People should try to cut out spicy curries and meals that contain a lot of citric acid until a sore tongue heals. They should also avoid crunchy foods with sharp edges, such as chips, which could injure the tongue.

Soda can also irritate sore tongues or canker sores, so if a person wants to drink these beverages, they should use a straw.

Avoiding smoking

Tobacco can slowTrusted Source wound healing and irritate the tongue. People with a sore tongue who smoke regularly may wish to try nicotine patches to help break their habit.

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