Fi is a financial app that comes with an in-built savings account, it is known as ‘neobank’ for working professionals. Fi helps to grow your money and organise your funds. It comes with a smart, zero balance savings account and features that help you get better with your money.

How can I open FI Money account?

Just download the Fi app, complete a quick in-app employment check and open your digital savings account. All this, in the time it takes you to make a cup of coffee!

Document :

  • Pan-card
  • Aadhar-card with mobile number linked
  • Address prufe

Features :

  • Zero balance saving account
  • Best returns on savings with smart deposits
  • 2% cashback up to 250 on your first fund addition on Fi. T&Cs apply
  • Free ATM Withdrawals
  • No charges on money transfer
  • Rewards on payments (fi-coins)
  • Flexible saving in SDS with up to 5.1% interest annually
  • Instant and hassle free payments
  • Zero forex charges
  • 100% digital & paperless

Terms & Conditions :

  • Customer should not have any existing relation with Fi Money, Federal bank & Jupiter
  • Customer should be 18 years and above.
  • Customer should be a salaried person.
  • If you are not able to finish the account opening process due to any reason, then you have to complete the process using the same link, or else the lead would be rejected.
  • Customer mobile number should be linked with Aadhaar card.
  • You will earn additional 300 only when your customer deposits the amount in his Fl account and keeps the deposited amount in his Fi account for at least 3 days.
  • You should not open multiple accounts from the same device

Account Open Process :

  1. Suggest ‘Fi Money App’ to everyone in your network (Friends/customers)
  2. Click on “share to customer” option and share the link with interested customers
  3. Ask your customer to click on the link shared by you and choose Fi Money’ from the screen
  4. Customer need to enter name and mobile number and click on ‘start journey now’
  5. Customers will be redirected on the Play store app to download Fi Money app.
  6. Open Fi Money app click on ‘Sign me Up’ then allow access for phone and media
  7. Customer need to enter mobile number then it will send OTP on the given number and verified automatically
  8. In the next step, customers need to enter a legal name that is the same as an Aadhaar card and attach email ID and confirm it.
  9. Now it will ask to enter FiNite referral code, customer need to click on ‘Continue without FiNite Code’ then again click on ‘Next’
  10. [0:48 pm, 20/12/2022] Jitesh Mali: 10. On next step customer need to select Employment type, Company Name and Annual Income and click on ‘Next’
  11. Now customer need to enter PAN card number and DOB and click on ‘Next’
  12. Now customer need to enter Father and Mother’s name and click on ‘Next’. Customer can add nominees or just skip.
  14. Now customer need to enter Aadhaar number and verify with the OTP
  15. Now it will ask for personal verification. There will be two steps: 1. Selfie 2. Speak for digit secure code
  16. Customer need to give access for media, camera will open on the screen, show face properly and click on ‘Start verification’
  17. Now customer need to speak 4 digits code loudly which is shown on the screen then click on ‘End verification’
  18. Now customer can see submitted details like name and it will confirm shipping address, select checkbox and click on ‘Next’
    [0:48 pm, 20/12/2022] Jitesh Mali: 18. Now click on ‘swipe to open account, allow access and select sim card with the same number which you have registered.
  19. Customer is almost done with the process, and he/she will get account opening confirmation from Fi Money through an email.
  1. Why Fi Money app?

Fi Money helps to grow customer’s money and organize funds. It comes with a smart, zero balance savings account and features that help to get better with money.

  1. Why the account is suspended and the payment is not proceeded?

There could be multiple reasons

  1. If anyone found creating multiple accounts using same/single devise he will be suspected as a fraud and his payout will be canceled from the authority.
  2. If anyone found creating fake accounts, his payouts will be froze




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